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Internet of Things

Let us start from the base that every kind of our physical object that we use in our environment everyday, can give us information about its characteristics and functionalities.

For example: our vehicle is equipped with oil and gas meters by means of which we can know in what state they are. But have you think about the potential that we could have of our vehicle if we could make use of that information in an intelligent and automatic way?

With the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), our everyday objects would be registered at internet and this in turn would facilitate the most appropriate way to get the most out of our object. Following our initial example, IoT would receive at any moment in what state our deposit is, analyze the distance we must travel and in case we had to refuel to continue with our trip, we would advise at the right time and place so we can take us to the nearest gas station on our route, considering all kinds of preferences: price, type of fuel, pollution, etc …

At Promogenius we are strongly committed to this new technology of integration of our devices with our objects to take a small step for our objects and great leap for future humanity.


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