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C/ Paraguay 40, 28907 Getafe – Madrid

Tlf.: +(34) 91 491 00 31

Printing Madrid

We can develope a 100% of your graphic production in our printing shop

In Promogenius we make short and long prints.
We can offer you the best materials and the last techniques for you to highlight over your competence.

Matte or gloss finishes provides durability to your graphic material.
All kinds of shapes to highlight your corporate material.
UV varnish offers protection to your printed materials and also make some graphic elements of your choice to stand out with a glossy layer. Very useful for business cards, folders, and catalogs.
We have a wide range of colors and metallic inks for your material to stand out with quality.
Add some relief to show a professional material
If your product or service needs some security this is a good technique to avoid copying.

Printing Madrid

We take care of the design of the whole material.

Business cards



Pamphlets and magazines

Paper for letters



Diptychs and Triptychs


Rubber stamps


and many more